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     With a contagious virus everywhere, people are going to get sick. Knowing what to do to prevent an outbreak is important.

     Jason Munoz, Director of the Eleanor U. Kennedy Shelter, and his team helped prevent an outbreak when a staff person tested positive for coronavirus last month. The staff person felt ill, so they went home and arranged a coronavirus test. As soon as they got the results, they called Jason right away. Jason alerted the executive director and immediately called the Fairfax County Health Department. (View the video below for more details)

     The Health Department began contact tracing to see who may be at risk. Several staff were instructed to quarantine at home. Shelter staff and guests were informed that there had been a positive test result. Everyone was told to monitor their symptoms and get tested if they felt they had any of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

     The situation was monitored closely during the quarantine period. No one else got sick, and our staff person has thankfully recovered. Less than three weeks later and everyone was back at work. Jason praised the Health Department, staff, and shelter guests for working together to make sure everyone was safe.

     Since the pandemic began, we have had several people test positive across programs. But because of quick action, community support, and hygienic measures such as mask-wearing and physical-distancing – and a healthy dose of luck – we have had no outbreaks! Thanks again to everyone who has donated masks and other supplies!


Preventing Coronavirus Outbreak in Shelter