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We’re sorry.

In searching for the right words to describe our horror and our grief at the killing of Mr. George Floyd…we said nothing. And silence is complicity.

We condemn the killing of George Floyd, the killing of Breonna Taylor, and the killing of far too many of our black and brown neighbors.

We believe that Black Lives Matter.

In keeping with our vision of a home and bright future for everyone, we pledge to work to dismantle inequitable systems and systemic racism that cause our black and brown neighbors to become homeless at a disproportional rate.

Voices calling for change through protests, online, at city halls and elsewhere have already begun to make a difference. We pledge to join our voice to theirs.

We have felt powerless watching the ugly acts of racism across our country. But we know we must act.  We’re reminded that during the shutdown caused by coronavirus, many new volunteers came to us to offer help because they felt powerless and wanted to help someone, anyone, through this, and to do something useful for their neighbors who were suffering. We must do the same.

To our black and brown friends, brothers and sisters: we’re sorry for the pain you continue to endure. We will listen. We will do better.