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The 5th grade class at Maury Elementary School in Washington, D.C., had spent months raising money to go to Space Camp. And then the coronavirus pandemic hit and everything was cancelled.

As you’ll hear from Nasir in the video below, Ms. Jondal’s & Mrs. Banks’s class decided to make lemonade out of lemons. The class as a whole agreed to do a project where each of them would research local non-profits, find one that each liked and felt was trustworthy, and then do a presentation to the rest of the class. After that, the class would vote for which nonprofit would receive their Space Camp money as a gift to support their mission.

We were thrilled to hear that they chose New Hope Housing! This amazing group of 29 students donated a total of $7,101.17 to help homeless individuals have a chance at a better life! We’re grateful to have been chosen by these students and even more moved to hear the message they have for us. Anyone can serve, and now is a great time to do it:

     “We do not have to wait until we are grown up to help others – we are doing it now.”

 This story – and Nasir’s video below explaining the project – have brought us so many smiles. Please read, enjoy, and share with others so more can see the kindness of these students. (And we hope that next year, they can go to Space Camp!)