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On the night of June 30th, Ms. B. moved from Kennedy shelter to an apartment and many people held their breath. Would she like it & stay? Would she refuse?

We’re so happy to share that Ms. B. – though a little overwhelmed – loved her apartment and was pleased to recognize her new apartment mate as someone she had met and liked at the shelter.

Ms. B. had been homeless for nearly 10 years. When she first arrived at Kennedy Shelter in December 2009, she was distraught and concerned. She was convinced something had happened to her family and had left New England to look for them here. Her family was and is fine as it turned out, but she wouldn’t believe it. Case managers and outreach workers have spent a lot of time with Ms. B. over the years, offering housing help, friendship, and a patient ear. She was happy to talk but refused housing. During the day, she would spend her time across the street from the shelter or looking for her family.

Earlier this year, she was talking with Ollie, a program administrator at Kennedy, and casually said that maybe she’d be interested in talking about housing but after hypothermia prevention season had ended. Ollie said ok! Yes! Please let’s talk then – and don’t forget you said that!

On the morning April 1st, Ollie got a call from Kennedy. It was Ms. B. saying where are you? Hypo is over! Let’s talk.

The next two months Ollie and other case managers at Kennedy Shelter met and worked with Ms. B. regularly to prepare her for moving to an apartment and to locate on that was suitable for her. Permanent Supportive Housing apartments do not often have vacancies and it took a little while. Finally things were all worked out for the final weekend in June.

Ms. B. was pleased to find her bed made in her room with new sheets, blankets, and more personal gifts. Ollie told her that people in the community give new things so people can have nice new home. She said to say thanks to all of you!

She didn’t want her face to be shown but allowed us to take a picture of her looking out her bedroom window from her new home.

Our fiscal year ended June 30th and we there is no better way to celebrate a “New Year” than by saying WELCOME HOME!

Thank you all!

PS: The next day Ollie stopped in to see her. Ms. B. had cooked scrambled eggs, toast, and cereal for breakfast. Ollie asked her if she had gone by Kennedy for an errand like she said she was going to. Ms. B. said “No, I don’t stay there anymore.”