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You can help keep families in homes by joining us on June 2nd for DoMore 24 – a regional 24-hour giving event for nonprofits. By making a gift on this day, you’ll be joining thousands of people across the region working together to make our community better. DoMore 24 has special prizes and bonuses to earn at different hours through the day. As a special bonus, one community partner has offered a $1500 matching challenge grant.

Our goal: to earn as many unique donations of $24 or more from 4 to 5 pm on June 2nd on our DoMore 24 Donation Page. We can earn an additional $1,500 from United Way for the most donations.

Please consider making a gift, telling friends, and sharing a post on Facebook or Twitter to help us keep families with special needs in housing.

You can spread the word by cutting & pasting these posts and emails:

Sample Facebook Post:

Today is Do More 24! Join me in giving to New Hope Housing to keep families in need in housing:

Sample Twitter Post:

Join me to #DoMore to keep families in housing w/a gift to @NewHopeHousing!

Help me keep a special needs family in housing by giving to @NewHopeHousing!

Sample Email:

Dear friends,

Today I’m helping New Hope Housing, a nonprofit I care about, raise funds as part of DoMore24 –  a 24-hour giving event hosted by the United Way. New Hope Housing has been providing housing, shelter, and tools to build better lives for homeless families and individuals for nearly 40 years. Many of the people they help have special needs and have been given up on by others.

I’m asking you to make a gift of $24 or more through their giving page at 4 pm on June 2nd. Not only will your gift be used to help keep a special needs family in housing, but additional donors have pledged to match the first $1500 in gifts made at 4 pm. United Way also has a bonus $1500 grant for the nonprofit that raises the most that hour.

Please join me to #DoMore for New Hope Housing families.

Thank you!



About our Family Permanent Supportive Housing Programs

New Hope Housing is known for being one of the oldest and largest providers of shelter beds in Northern Virginia, but we were also among the first local organizations that provided permanent supportive housing to families. Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is special dedicated housing plus support for individuals or families that have been homeless but also have developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, or physical disabilities that may prevent them from being stably housed on their own.

We have two programs, called Milestones and RISE, that house 16 families with special needs. The first opened in 1996. Partially funded by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), families in these programs pay no more than 30% of their income in rent and receive services from dedicated case managers. Children can participate in our after school and summer programs for extra enrichment.

Our main goal for Family PSH is to keep families together and help them grow stronger. We encourage parents to take life skills and parenting classes while also providing them a safe space to create goals and then work toward those goals. There are no time-limits in these programs; we want each family to be ready to succeed on their own when they leave.

Our Family PSH programs are partially but not fully funded by HUD. The rent income from families covers a portion of expenses, and we apply for several grants every year for these programs alone, but Milestones and RISE operate at a large deficit every year unless we raise additional funds from the community. Thank you for helping us reach our goals!