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Strategic Plan

New Hope Housing Strategic Plan 2013-2018


New Hope Housing has demonstrated over 35 years of innovative and  award-winning programs and services assisting homeless families and individuals  in our northern Virginia community. Our founders saw a need and responded, opening the first homeless shelter in Fairfax  County, Mondloch House, in 1978. Since that beginning, New Hope Housing has added programs and services, always in response to needs in the community.

New Hope Housing continuously assesses its programs and services,  evaluating how best to focus its future work for greatest impact. In recent  years New Hope Housing has been deeply involved in collaborative efforts across  northern Virginia jurisdictions striving to end  and prevent homelessness. As these efforts are underway, new approaches are developed, and greater emphasis placed on prevention, rapid re-housing and housing first approaches, New Hope Housing has re-evaluated the priorities for  its future work. These priority areas, outlined here, will guide the work of  the agency over the next four to six year period. The Strategic Plan 2013-2018  presents the principles that ground the agency’s work, the assumptions that underlie the plan, and the strategic directions going forward.

Grounding  Principles

Vision: The vision we work for is a home and bright future for every man, woman and child in our community.

Mission: New Hope Housing provides homeless families and individuals’ shelter and the tools to build a better life.

Our Core Values:

  • We renew hope that homelessness is solvable.
  • We welcome all, including the un-welcome.
  • We treat each person with dignity and respect.
  • We believe that a competent and dedicated staff is critical to our mission.
  • We are effective stewards of the human and financial resources entrusted to us.
  • We are a community-based organization.

Planning Assumptions:

  • We will continue to be an organization focused on ending homelessness among both families and single adults in our community.
  • We will continue to serve persons are difficult to serve and/or underserved–persons with extremely low income, persons with disabling conditions, persons with violent criminal records, and others who are therefore less likely to receive services as readily through other agencies.
  • We will focus any new program development primarily within the footprint of existing programs and services–southeastern Fairfax County, the City of Alexandria, the City of Falls Church, and Arlington County–to maintain a geographically cohesive service area.
  • We will focus on assisting persons at imminent risk of homelessness to remain housed, on reducing time spent in shelter, on “rapid re-housing” of persons who are homeless, on the “housing first” approach in serving chronically homeless persons, and on providing ongoing services to these individuals and families once they are housed.
  • Government sources of funding will remain static or decrease. Long term planning for major new activities must consider how new revenue can be secured, including increased private support.

Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction A: New Hope Housing will demonstrate leadership in developing and implementing effective approaches in moving homeless persons quickly to stable housing.

  • Implement and evaluate the impact during FY2014 of the Emergency Solutions Grant rental subsidy program in the City of Alexandria.
  • Reduce time in shelter by 5% annually, from 2011 baseline through 2016.
    • Next Steps Family Program; FY2011 baseline, 142 days
    • Alexandria Community Shelter, Families; baseline, 121 days
    • Eleanor U. Kennedy Shelter; FY2011 baseline, 76 days
    • Alexandria Community Shelter, single adults; FY2011 baseline 57 days.
  • Increase exit to permanent housing from shelter and transitional housing from 15.5% to 25% for single adults and from 50 to 60% for families by the end of FY2016.

Strategic Direction B: New Hope Housing will work to increase the number of permanent supportive housing for underserved homeless populations.

  • By end of FY2015, place 90% of chronically homeless adults with Bridging Affordablity I subsidies in permanent supportive housing or permanent housing without subsidy.
  • By the end of FY2018 add at least eight beds of PSH for chronically homeless single adults in the City of Alexandria and six beds in Fairfax County.
  • Advocate for passage of a Residential Studio Unit amendment to the Fairfax zoning ordinance, using Mondloch Place as an example of a successful RSU.

Strategic Direction C: New Hope Housing will work to raise awareness of homelessness in our community and promote our efforts to address it. We will advocate for policies that strive to end homelessness in the communities we serve.

  • Promote New Hope Housing’s core mission, vision, and values in our community through advocacy.
  • Encourage Board Members to deepen their connection to NNH’s mission through volunteerism and advocacy.
    • Work with New Hope staff to provide Board members with regular opportunities for volunteerism and advocacy.
  • Organizationally strengthen the Advocacy Committee to create “advocates” among Board members.
    • Implement curriculum for each board member to deliver short mission pitch for NHH
    • Seek opportunities for Board members to present to civic organizations, faith communities, and prospective funders
  • Implement advocacy plan for local governments where NHH operates.
    • Fairfax County focus
    • Alexandria City
    • State and federal as appropriate
  • Develop PR/Marketing plan for NHH by 12/31/13.
    • Hire a communications director by 12/31/13.
    • Social media
    • NHH operation areas (Fairfax/Alexandria)

Strategic Direction D: New Hope Housing will optimize its effectiveness and viability.

  • Emphasize staff support, development and recognition.
    • Raise staff salaries in FY2015 and beyond.
    • Continue employee recognition program.
    • Reinstate tuition reimbursement in FY2015.Reinstate 5% contribution on 403(b) by FY2016.
  • Prepare for leadership change/succession.
    • Develop plan of action for future leadership succession, and provide proposed plan to the Board by June 2014.
    • Develop an annual leadership and professional development plan for identified staff by FY2015.
  • Evaluate the organization’s infrastructure and develop steps for strengthening in accord with findings.
    • Review, update, and standardize all position descriptions by the end of FY2014.
    • Develop measurable outcomes for Board review (dashboard) by December 31, 2014.
  • Ensure the financial stability and sustainability of the organization.
    • Meet annual fundraising budget.
    • Develop revenue projections by each April for the following fiscal year. Resource development committee responsibility.
    • Assess staffing needs for resource development by the end of FY 2014. Implement by December 31, 2014.
    • Increase the number of individual donors at the President’s Circle level ($1,000) or above, from 51 in FY2011 to at least 100 by the end of FY2015.
    • Develop a prospecting strategy for deeper penetration for major donors.
    • Develop a case statement by September 1, 2014.


Approved by the New Hope Housing Board of Directors

, 2013



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