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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the formal governing board buy viagra for the agency. New members are elected by the current members, and each person may serve up to two three-year terms on the board. The members of the New Hope Housing Board of Directors for 2017-18 are:

Ted Phillips, President (2015-2018, 1st term)

CPA, RSM US LLP. Alexandria, VA.

Antonio Coleman, President-Elect (2015-2018, 1st term)

Retired, US Army. Woodbridge, VA.

Julia Strickland, Immediate Past President (2016-2019, 2nd term)

Principal, Julia B. Strickland, PLLC. Fairfax, VA.

Kirsten Olechnowicz, Treasurer (2017-2020, 2nd term)

Senior Accountant, Acuity Consulting. Alexandria, VA.

Michael Keegan, Secretary (2017-2020, 2nd term)

Public Affairs Professional. Alexandria, VA.

John Body (2017 -2020, 1st term)

Graphic Designer / Photographer, BodyShots. Alexandria, VA.

Thomas A. Gibson (2017-2020, 1st term)

Project Director, WinnDevelopment. Washington, DC.

Kristi Johnson (2017-2020, 2nd term)

Litigation Attorney, US Air Force. Joint Base Andrews, MD.

George Kostel (2015-2018, 2nd term)

Principal, Impresa Legal Group. Arlington, VA.

Daniel Lagana (2017-2020, 1st term)

Communications Director, Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation. Alexandria, VA.

Kyle Lynch (2016-2019, 2nd  term)

Director of Membership, American Bankers Association, Washington, DC

Denise Mackie-Smith (2017-2020, 1st term)

Retired, MackieSmith Consulting, LLC. Alexandria, VA.

Brenda Malone (2017-2020, 1st term)

Public Affairs Officer, Office of the Surgeon General of the US Navy. Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Chhaya Muth (2017-2020, 1st term)

Assistant VP, Client Services Manager, Access National Bank. Alexandria, VA.

Fern Sumpter-Winbush (2016-2019, 1st term)

Principal Director, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. Washington, DC.

Tina Townsend (2016-2019, 1st term)

Vice President / Market Leader, BB&T Bank. Alexandria, VA.

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